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This page contains a portion of my projects. I have become so busy with school and contracted work that I don't have time to update this page anymore. Check out Kalamazoo Manufacturing Company for my current kit project that you can purchase to build your own handcar.

Video of my latest handcar in action:

Current Projects

I am currently rebuilding a Velocipede #1 car, but I am not documenting the work.

Past Projects

Telegraph Velocipede Rebuild Project
Amazing barn find that I am rebuilding into a complete car.

Sheffield Number 2 Special Hand Car
This unique gang car was used for crew transport. I sold this car to the Nevada Northern Railway.

Norfolk Western Push Car
Push cars supplemented hand cars.

Back Yard Railroad
I built a railroad in my backyard to test my handcars.

Standard Hand Car
First hand car I built.

Past Excursions

Nevada Northern Railway

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