Location Shooting With my Hand Cars

I offer the most complete collection of hand powered railroad devices. Finding me is half the task as next you need to find a location to shoot your production. This is an in progress list of railroad shooting location.

Track Set
Anywhere you need it, USA

I have 75 feet of track that we can setup at your shoot. There is no need to rent a railroad because we can bring the railroad to you. Our rail segments are salvaged rail from the San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad that ran into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The rail is dated 1880 and was pulled up sometime in the 1920's. If a longer railroad is required we may be able to accomodate the request with a longer lead time.

Nevada Northern Railway
Ely, Nevada

If your travel budget allows for it, Nevada Northern is an excellent place to shoot your production. The railroad is situated in the Great Basin and the landscape consist of sage brush. If you need an old west look then Nevada Northern is the place to do it. The railroad is also very accomodating towards motion picture production.

The downside is the location is far from Los Angeles with its eight hour drive.

For more information: http://www.nnry.com

Santa Maria Valley Railway
Santa Maria, California

The Santa Maria Railroad is only three hours from Los Angeles. What makes this railroad unique is that it has one of the last street running track sections in California. Street running is where the tracks run down the center of a city street. For motion picture production this allows for some unique shooting opportunities.

For more information: http://www.smrr.com

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